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Provides discipleship tools and practical ministry resources that make the principles found in God’s written Word accessible to His servants. Current projects include both printed materials and online resources designed to meet the needs of our local and international ministry partners.

Global Adventures In Short Term Missions: A Practical Guide For 360° Spiritual Development

Through meaningful short term ministry, GOD’S PEOPLE are able to participate in GOD’S PLAN to take GOD’S MESSAGE to the world. Well-planned trips can have a 360° impact, not only on the person going on the trip or on the community being served, but also on those praying and supporting the effort, the partnering mission team and the other participating team members. This resource is a practical guide that will help you and everyone on your team to become familiar with the fundamentals of short term ministry including preparations, expectations and responsibilities. Inside, you’ll find tools for every aspect of trip preparation and implementation, including the often challenging task of raising prayer and financial partners. You’ll also find the help you’re looking for to encourage each member of the team to deepen their walk with the Lord throughout the process. Included are group Bible studies for use in pre-trip preparations as well as daily team devotionals and a journaling section to use during the trip. A post-trip action plan helps every team member develop a strategy for lasting impact in their own life and on the field they’ve visited. A 360° impact is possible and the effort required to achieve that goal is worth it!

Building Great Teams

There is no reason why everyone in your church family can’t find their place of meaningful service immediately, then find fulfillment and growth helping others do the same. God has outlined a fool-proof system for helping everyone find their place of service. Enduring Treasure Ministries cares about your church and wants to help you discover your solutions now! Our “no recruitment” plan is tested, proven and simple to follow. Great teams are waiting right now to be formed in your church…why not help them find one another right away?

Adoptive Parents Book Cover

Enduring Treasure For Adoptive Parents- COMING SOON

We believe families who have just brought a new member into their family need TRUTH to set the foundation for their new reality. We know being an adoptive parent is not always easy, and struggling parents need a lifeline of TRUTH to hold on to. Each chapter in our 30 day devotional will include a passage from the Bible, a treasure from God’s Word for each day that has helped an adoptive parent along their adoption journey. Following the passage of Scripture, we will briefly tell the story of how that treasure was a blessing in a unique situation to a real family. A responsive prayer is included as the final element in each chapter. To find out more about contributing to this project:Read More