Global Adventures Ministry Basics


 ETM is pleased to have you participate with us as part of our ongoing ministry to our family of believers who live around the world. Many organizations offer short term ministry trips as an “adventure” or a “vacation with a purpose.” We believe short term ministry trips are much more. We believe that this trip and your involvement are vital to our overall ministry and will leave an enduring mark on you!

As a Global Adventure team member you will alongside the ETM staff, gain valuable insights. In preparation for your venture the ETM staff members will take you on a journey in God’s Word. The process of preparing for your trip may change your perception of God’s Kingdom work and how you can be involved.

Each individual is unique and has a specific role to play, enabling the team to be effective. Working together as a team will allow additional opportunities to learn from and strengthen each other. We know that each person participating in a Global Adventure trip will bring with them a wide variety of ministry styles and experience. Together we are able achieve so much more.

We pray that your visit will be a special blessing to our international partners as well. Providing encouragement to Christian leaders is a key purpose in arranging Global Adventure trips. Whether you are laying flooring in an office, coaching a pastor, speaking at a seminar for children’s workers or helping with crafts at camp, your smile and helping hands can be a great blessing. The investment that each team member makes through personal involvement increases the effectiveness of those we serve and continues to impact their ministry long after the team returns home.

The ultimate goal of all aspects of ETM is to bring God’s treasured Word to His treasured people. With better resources and heartfelt encouragement, Christian leaders will be better equipped to meet spiritual needs in their homes, their churches and their communities. We believe that this will enrich your spiritual journey and that you will return home encouraged and challenged.


There are three types of ministry trips that enable ETM to support our global partners.


 From time to time, we are invited to participate with ministry partners that require additional help with a variety of projects. Global Adventure teams may be asked to assist with office renovations, planning and preparing for leadership development conferences or serving in some type of children’s ministry.

Each trip is unique. These short term trips provide a great opportunity to work alongside national Christian workers and share in the joys of serving Lord through serving others. The relationships formed provide on-going benefits for years to come.

ETM will work with our international partners on the field to establish a good operating budget and to develop a workable schedule for the trip. ETM is happy to support ministry teams by providing training, processing the necessary paperwork, collecting and disbursing funds, and arranging flights and other details of the trip. Global Adventure ministry trips are almost always made up of three or more people serving together and can be much larger, as well, depending on the needs.

These teams are responsible to prepare spiritually and for their involvement in the ministry through regular team meetings. The team leader works with individual team members to ensure that applications and other forms are completed and returned to the ETM office. The team members gather prayer partners and financial partners for the trip.


Training teams can be small, sometimes even made up of three people or less. Teams of experienced ministry leaders can make a huge difference in the ongoing ministry of national workers by sharing at specialized training events.

Presenting leadership topics, age-group related subject materials, or providing creative resources are all a key part in developing effective ministry leaders among the national workers and assisting them in conducting effective ministry programs in their local churches.

ETM coordinates the details of the trip and works with the global partner to establish a schedule and a trip budget. ETM is responsible to work with team members as they gather all paperwork, raise/distribute finances and arrange the flights.

Training trip team members are responsible for preparing their portion of the training and forwarding the information to the ETM representative at least two months prior for translation purposes. The team leader works with the individual team members to ensure that all necessary personal forms are submitted to the ETM office. Team members assemble a group of prayer partners to pray before and during the event.


ETM leadership occasionally arranges a trip to explore new ministry opportunities, evaluate ongoing ministry or to provide for a hands-on experience for ministry supporters. For these trips ETM will make all of the arrangements for the trip including the schedule and transportation. The participants will be responsible to complete any necessary paperwork and to cover all expenses for the trip.


ETM seeks to represent God well and to serve the Church around the world faithfully. We endeavor to maintain high standards in all of our programs and personnel, including the Global Adventures programs.

ETM recognizes that God gives each one of His children special gifts and uses each individual in a unique way. Each application for short term ministry is considered on the basis of the applicant’s own merits as reflected in his application and references.


  • A genuine heartfelt love for Jesus
  • A desire to serve God and others
  • An understanding of the basic doctrines of the Christian faith
  • A recognizable level of spiritual maturity
  • A love for people and a desire to see them come to know Jesus as Savior and Lord of their lives and to mature in their faith
  • A degree of experience in the area in which they are planning to serve
  • A sensitivity to a different culture and a willingness to adapt to such
  • The blessing and support of the applicant’s home church


Educational qualifications will depend upon the type of short term service the applicant wishes to be involved in. This will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

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